Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Michael Leu Mentor Ohio

Mining Claims for Sale in Arizona, California, and Colorado
And just a note of encouragement for those who purchase: My wife and I have located, prospected on, and sold mining claims in California, Colorado, & Arizona, going on now for 8 years. You can trust we will process your notarized deeds correctly and quickly. In that mining claims are processed thru the Bureau of Land Management, a Federal Govt. agency, not following thru per our legally signed contract, would be a federal crime. I certainly will do what I say, and would never put myself nor my wife in any legal jeopardy. Also, we have sold properties on 3 sites online for over 10 years: Landsalelistings, Landwatch, and LandandFarm. Our continued good status on these sites is due to our always following thru, as just one time we would not, we would not be allowed to sell on these sites ever again.

Link to all the details:  http://www.landsalelistings.com/usa/ohio/sellers/michael-leu/

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